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Troop 10 is the oldest continuously-sponsored Boy Scout troop in the United States. Troop 10 is sponsored by St. James Episcopal Church. Troop 10 is partnered with Pack 10 of St. James Church and Pack 16 of St. Brendan Church.

Troop 10 has a long history and many traditions, including its own cheer and a patch approved by the National Boy Scout Council. This patch, with its red background and gold edging symbolizing Troop 10's colors, has a pictorial of Los Angeles City Hall representing the Troop’s long existence in the heart of the City.

In its long history, Troop 10 has had thousands of Scouts, including more than 300 Eagle Scouts.. Many Troop 10 Scouts have gone on to become prominent civic leaders, including heads of major banks and other corporate institutions. There have been almost 20 Troop 10 Scoutmasters, but by far the longest tenured was the beloved Jack “Hampy” Hampton, who served as Scoutmaster from 1926 to 1951. A number of Hampy’s Scouts served in World War II, and he corresponded with them while they were fighting overseas. We are proud of our historical memorabilia, including photographs and film, patrol diaries, flags, and Hampy’s “War Book," which includes letters from former Troop 10 Scouts who served in WWII.

Today, Troop 10 remains a vibrant organization committed to building character, teaching young men about the outdoors, and getting them involved in serving their community. The Troop attributes its longevity to the support it has received from St. James Church, and its ability to adapt to and meet the changing needs and interests of its Scouts.

Welcome to Troop 10

Posted on Sep 14 2021 - 2:46pm

Welcome new Scouts and family to Boy Scout Troop 10! Here is a quick guide to get your Scout started with pertinent links and contacts.  (Revised for 2021.)


Posted on Nov 21 2017 - 7:12pm

Welcome to Troop 10's very own website. Please register so you will receive announcements and be able to register for upcoming events.

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